• Persona

    Thursday, 9.30pm – 10pm What are the traits of a successful business person? Are there common characteristics among the successful? Find out the answers to these and many other curious questions with Persona.

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  • Enterprise

    Tuesday, 9.30pm – 10pm A program for entrepreneurs – successful and in the making. 30 minutes of fascinating stories of innovation, challenges, vision and success. Get inspired or inspire others.  

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  • Fokus Hari Ini

    Monday to Sunday, 8pm – 8.30pm (LIVE) Our only live Malay program covering all national issues ranging from rising commodity prices to increased per capita income in Malaysia. Watch the local community representatives constantly engaged in businesses and striving hard to put Malaysia in the commercial map of the world.

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  • Capital Today

    Monday to Friday, 9am-10.30am & 3pm-3.30pm (LIVE) Our highest rated live show covering the latest business related news in Malaysia. Get updated with rapid and in-depth analysis of the current events and watch the movers & shakers of the business world giving insights and forecasts. Our facetime and corporate profile features business experts and corporate household name to uncover thought- provoking current news and analysis for viewers who wants to know who, what, why and when in the landscape of […]

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  • To The Point

    Monday, 9.30pm – 10pm Crisp, current and clear-cut. Weekly current affairs program that covers topical issues that affects the business community in Malaysia. Subject of discussion analysed among a panel of experts only to bring about the essence of current issue that matters to you.

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  • Desire

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  • Advocates Of Change

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  • The Art Collector

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