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CapitalTV is the home of commercial chronicles, financial news and business lifestyle programmes. A homegrown channel, we extensively cover Malaysia-centric business reports and trends with a team of dedicated presenters, editors and correspondents. Broadcasted in full HD on Unifi’s HyppTV Channel 420 we deliver relevant up-to-date market news across a variety of mediums to over 1.5 million viewers in Malaysia.

Apart from our most-viewed live programme ‘Capital Today’, CapitalTV has a vast portfolio of programmes which covers all facets of the business community including current affairs, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal wealth, self-improvement and business lifestyle. This includes our regular programmes ‘To The Point’, ‘Pesona’, ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Fokus Hari Ini’. We constantly strive to deliver breaking news, unbiased news coverage, comprehensive discussions and behind-the-scene look at the movers and shakers of the business community.

In essence, CapitalTV is the ideal platform for the news to be relayed in various perspectives that are significant to the viewers. This in turn enables advertisers and sponsors to utilize the opportunity to reach out to their target audience and engage them with their creative communication.

Our programs can also be subscribed and viewed online on our Video On Demand via our website http://www.capitaltv.my/webtv

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What is Capital TV?

The Capital TV is your preferred business TV channel exclusively on HyppTV channel 420.
Your Business Perspective