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  • Islamic Finance PROMO Season2 Eps3 – “Wasiat”

    Islamic Finance PROMO Season2 Eps3 – “Wasiat”

    A trust is a legal obligation that comes into existence when an individual or other legal entity (known as the settlor) transfers the legal ownership of his assets to another person or persons (known as the trustees) to hold not for their benefit but for the benefit of the beneficiaries who can be individuals or otherwise. The trustees become the legal owners of the trust assets once the assets are transferred to them. Thereafter the beneficiaries, ipso facto, become the […]

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  • NEW! Out of Pocket

    NEW! Out of Pocket

    New in Capital TV – Out of Pocket. Don’t be out of pocket when it comes to your personal finance. Hear about the true-stories of others who have been to the deep and and back. Learn from the experts of the pit-falls that you should avoid, and the tips and tricks you should emulate. [youtube clip_id="kqDSBQwxbRk"]

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  • Face Off

    Face Off

    Now – it is time to debate with Face Off, a new weekly program in July that will enable constructive exchange of ideas on television. In today’s life of hyper connectivity – everyone seem to have an opinion. As long as there are two sides to every story and conflicting opinions about which is better or right or wrong, there will be a need to organise structured debates. Debate has been the foundation for democratic societies over thousands of years; […]

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  • Elle McPherson – the super business woman

    Elle McPherson – the super business woman

    In this episode of Money Programme, we’ll see Elle Macpherson’s journey from a glamour cover girl to a succesfull corporate player. We’ll go through have exclusive access to Elle as she sets out to launch her upmarket range of designer lingerie. With millions at stake we follow the woman known as ‘The Body’ as she sets out to become the Super Business Model. “Elle Macpherson Intimates is really my baby and so it’s quite important to me that this launch […]

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  • Power Paradigm

    Power Paradigm

    The Power Paradigm features top notch international business programs presented in a relaxing and easy to follow format. As you can expect from The Capital TV programs, there will be plenty of fascinating business leaders that will appear in the series. From iconic figures that you already knew like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson, you will also meet Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis, Elle McPherson and many more. Look out for the following programs:  Money Programme Business Nightmares […]

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  • The New & Better Islamic Finance Season 3 – Promo

    The New & Better Islamic Finance Season 3 – Promo

    We bring back to you one of our best programme, the Islamic Finance. For this 3rd season, Islamic Finance will bring to you more comprehensive topics about the beauty of Islamic Finance – a solution to prevent and solve economic crisis. [youtube clip_id="134qVwa-kEw"]

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  • Money Talks – Episode08 Retirement Planning

    Money Talks – Episode08 Retirement Planning

    Smart retirement planning is when we know how to leverage on time and the compounding interest effect to accumulate and grow our money as early as possible. What are financial and non-financial aspects of retirement life we must include in our plan and what are the dos and don’ts in our retirement planning process? Guests: Mr Fong Mun Toh- Retirement and aged-care Consultant Ms Rose Riza Mohd Tohit Agency Manager CIMB Wealth Advisors Berhad [youtube clip_id="SYbe99z3NmE"]

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  • Business Game – Episode08 COBRA Malaysia

    Business Game – Episode08 COBRA Malaysia

    Find out about Malaysia rugby scenario. Interview with Boon Hong Chee – President of COBRA Malaysia. [youtube clip_id="QM_6_334DLo"]

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  • Brainstorm – Episode07 Social Media Strategy

    Brainstorm – Episode07 Social Media Strategy

    Social media enthusiasts, Zain HD share his thoughts on social media strategy and development for organization and individuals. [youtube clip_id="K9_3Ke87AdY"]

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  • CapitalTV – Weekly Review – 30/4 till 6/5

    CapitalTV – Weekly Review – 30/4 till 6/5

    The day that was and the day that will be. Either way the ‘today’ is inspired from ‘yesterday’ for a better ‘tomorrow’. Weekly Review is your business and finance guide.  [youtube clip_id="JSbN3WPwUDw"]

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