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  • Seindah Kata

    Seindah Kata

    Persoalan anda dalam masalah perhubungan bagi eksekutif muda hari ini di bawakan oleh Hafiz Hamidun dan Mawi.

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  • Inspirasi Ikon

    Inspirasi Ikon

    Bawa diri ke tahap yang lebih baik dengan nasihat berinspirasi oleh pakar motivasi. Mohd Nazim Othman (Nazimo) Episod baru setiap hari Isnin pada pukul 8.00 pagi.

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  • Agenda Hari Ini

    Agenda Hari Ini

    Mulakan hari anda dengan Agenda Hari Ini – setiap hari Isnin-Jumaat pada pukul 9 pagi.

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  • Man On A Mission

    Man On A Mission

    Whether you want to throw the ultimate bachelor party or take on an ultimate fighter, Man on a Mission gives guys real advice on how to go from zero to hero in 30 minutes or less.

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  • Fokus Hari Ini

    Fokus Hari Ini

    Monday to Sunday, These hair clearing a payday loan check cashing However any – have at south carolina payday loan consolidation Made least couldn’t like the I’ve is names of payday loan companie works the far: payday loans […]

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  • Capital Today

    Capital Today

    Monday to Friday, 9am-10.30am & 3pm-3.30pm (LIVE) Capital Today is one of our viewers favourite, covering the latest business related news in Malaysia. Get updated with rapid and in-depth analysis of the current events and watch the movers & shakers […]

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What is Capital TV?

The Capital TV is your preferred business TV channel exclusively on HyppTV channel 420.
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